• Realize your full potential Don't allow unforeseen costs stop you from delivering project objectives. Proper job costing, effective resource estimation, and financial planning are integral to the success of your organization.
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  • Let your profits grow See how Earned Value Management dramatically increases stakeholder value. By implementing EVM, real-time access into your project's cost structure helps mitigate cost overruns and schedule slippage.
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  • You're not alone Our qualified Project Management Consultants provide real solutions. Project Management is more than just satisfying requirements and meeting deadlines.
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We empower our partners to effectively plan, execute and deliver. We empower business.

Project Management Solutions

By offering guidance on organizational structure, project scheduling, risk management, and overall execution techniques, we will help your team transition into one that more efficient in overall performance.

Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a project management methodology for objectively measuring performance while providing a disciplined framework for project planning and execution.

Cost Management and Estimation

We offer full job and activity-based cost accounting solutions to help your organization create quotations, respond to RFPs and manage financial plans to assist in accurately reporting and forecasting key metrics.

Who we are

Exsertus is a consulting group specializing in Project Management support, Earned Value Management implementation, and other project-based cost and scheduling support services. Our team of experienced and proven consultants provide our clients with a wide array of value-added services throughout the entire project lifecycle.